4 Benefits of Co-Sleeping


Many Singaporean parents believe that co-sleeping is for the better. While other Western cultures see co-sleeping as a social taboo, what matters most at the end of the day is what you believe in. Co-sleeping is also called “sharing sleep”. This is a parenting practice where parents and children share the “family bed”.

Seeing it as a social taboo is unfounded. Parents who share sleep with toddlers or even older children reported many benefits. To discuss it further, here are the benefits of co-sleeping:

  1. It fosters independence and trust. Many parents are afraid that if they encourage co-sleeping, the kid will grow dependent. While it is good to encourage children to sleep alone, you shouldn’t do it hurriedly. Remember that they are babies or toddlers once, you have to enjoy it. It will not foster dependence. In fact, it will be the other way around. When you share sleep with your kids, you are teaching them that they can trust those around them and eventually be independent.


  1. It makes children feel more secure. The image of children thumb sucking or carrying a blanket is a common sight but what does this really tell you? These children do not feel safe enough that they tend to rely on those habits. When you share sleep with your kids, they do not need to feel more secure because you are there. In this society, children are now taught to self-soothe. As a result, parents let them find security objects. But why not provide them comfort by your presence?

  1. It is an excellent bonding moment. Parents do not realize this but when you allow your kids to your bed, it sends a strong message saying “you can reach us day or night”. The countless hours or snuggles can be an excellent bonding moment. You won’t realize it but it can have a positive impact on your children’s self-esteem.


  1. It encourages good sleep. There is no question that during their infancy, you share sleep because you need to nurse them. As they get older and you want them to be dependent, you thought it is for the better to leave them in their rooms. That is where you are wrong. As long as your child is comfortable, co-sleeping can encourage good sleep.

Co-sleeping is not that bad. With the benefits mentioned above, you can give it to your children effortlessly. If you need bigger bed, then do it. It is fun to co-sleep if you give it a chance.

Everything You Should Know About Cyber Safety


The cyber world is so vast that it can influence its users. Cyber world can be accessed via smartphones, tablets, personal computers, etc. using the internet. Here in Singapore alone. Many children are provided with such electronic devices because parents think that it is for the greater good. While it is undeniable that these gadgets made things easier, no one should discount the risks it involves.

What are the risks these devices pose? Smartphones or tablets are now used by minors for sexting. Sexting is the act of sending inappropriate contents (like texts and images). Some even use their devices to bully other people. Bullying can have a mental effect on your kid as it is a form of sending threatening messages. The worse thing that could happen is uploading it to YouTube thereby crushing the kid’s self-esteem. It does not end there because it can also be the root cause of improper time management. Plus it can compromise the kid’s safety as it can automatically share your current location on social media apps.

Knowing about the risk, how should you curb it as parents? Ever heard about cyber safety? You can fight it if you are being vigilant and that includes filtering, locking, controlling or monitoring the electronic devices of your kids. How can you do this? Well, the first thing that you can do is to prevent the use of the device’s camera because it is the source of everything. If your kid is being bullied, help him/her to block the texts or calls from specific persons.

If you are serious about this, why not set a limit when it comes to internet access? This can help a lot because it is like preventing things to happen before it actually started. The most important thing is to instil to your kids that file sharing is a no-no especially if it is with sensitive contents. File sharing over Bluetooth is the beginning of everything. Might as well tell them to screen the apps they download as it can also be a source.

Remember that at the end of the day, your kids need guidance. Always explain why you are restricting their access so they will understand. But if the kid is really curious, they will find something to access it outside. This is the reason why you should also teach them how to behave appropriately so they will not become a victim of anything. Discussing the risk and their protection is not easy but if you have to do it, do it anyway.

5 Easy Steps on How to Prepare for Childbirth


After enduring nine months of pregnancy, you are finally ready to pop! Overwhelming as it may sound, be rest assured that women are naturally designed to give birth. With all the available hospital care and technology, all you have to do is follow these easy steps to prepare yourself to the joyous experience of giving birth:


  • Ask around. Women who have experienced giving birth are always more than willing to share their labor stories in great details. While it is true that each experience is unique, knowing the different possibilities will widen your perspective and give you different expectations.


  • Exercise. Doing exercises by 15-20 minute walk per day is healthy for you and the baby. You can do this in the parks, in the malls or even in your apartment. If you have a healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy, walking up and down the stairs is also recommended by doctors just as long as you take extra care. This will increase your chance of a smooth and normal delivery.


  • Fill-up birthplan. Most hospitals in Singapore give you the option to fill-up a birthplan. You can discuss this with your doctor prior to your delivery day. This will be the guide of the medical staff who will be attending to you on your specific choices in giving birth. You will be surprised with the various choices you can make on giving birth. And since there is a slim chance you can think straight while having labor pains, complete your birthplan while you are still logical and able to think clearly!


  • Prepare hospital bag. Preparing cute onesies for the coming of your little one is exciting and fun. Be sure though to include the essentials – diapers, blankets, and breastfeeding paraphernalia, to name a few. You must have your hospital bag ready on your 36th week because your little one will definitely come, unannounced!


  • Breathe. Once everything is settled, there’s nothing left to do but breathe and wait. Babies will come out in their own time. While waiting for the symptoms indicated by your doctor on the initial phase of childbirth, you can pass time by watching movies, reading books or whatever activity that pleases you. When you feel impatient, just think that you have already survived the nine months of waiting for your bundle of joy, thus a few days or so is an easy thing to bear!


Strategies to Encourage Kids to Be Responsible


Being responsible is a sign of maturity. It means owning a decision and accepting the rewards and the consequences that it entails. To some Singaporeans, responsibility is synonymous to accountability. We just want our children to grow responsible but not all can conform. It can be challenging to have a child that lacks responsibility.


There are many reasons why a child lacks responsibility. It can be their fear of failure or their overwhelming laziness. Regardless of the reason, we should not give up. Our kids need us more than ever. If we let their lack of responsibility run for a long time, it can affect their jobs and their future relationships – we do not want that.

Here are some strategies that we can consider to encourage our children to be responsible:

  • Before we go about lecturing our kids, we have to talk to them first. This will give us an idea of the troubles they are encountering so we can understand them better. We have to be careful not to sound critical because they might not open up.


  • Relay roles. One strategy is to give our children roles. By explaining the objectives, they will understand what is asked from them.


  • Do not micromanage. As parents, we have our own management styles. Sometimes we have to see the whole picture. We do not know our child’s lack of responsibility is due to wrong delegation of tasks. It is crucial that we learn the art of delegating based on their abilities.


  • Give praise. When our kid shows responsibility, we should not forget to give praise. They will know that they did good and will continue to do good in the long run. They seek to impress us.