Who is Michael Kors, Really?


If you are a fashion aficionado, you know famous names or brands like Michael Kors, Coco Channel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, Renzo Rosso, Sara Blakely and many more. You will see local and Hollywood celebrities wearing these brands. Sometimes you envy celebrities and those people who can afford such creations.

But you do not have to be rich to know them all. You can simply do your own research. The first thing that you should know is that all designers are rich in their own right but only few made it to the billionaire list. According to the recent publication of Forbes, Michael Kors has joined the club of fashion billionaires.


He became billionaire on February 4, 2014 when his company shares rose to 17% in the stock market. This made him $34 million richer. The profits of his brand rose to 77% in the last quarter of 2013. That was a good omen. His journey was not always smooth because he too experienced some downfall but it did not stop him from doing what he really love. It paid off. Let us take a look at his journey:

Personal Life

Michael was first known as Karl Anderson. His mother was a former model but she remarried and changed her surname to Kors. Karl was given a chance to choose another name; he chose Michael. He was raised in New York. In 2011, Kors married Lance LePere.

Designing Career

Kors love fashion since he was young. Many things happened. He designed clothes in their basement then enrolled at a fashion school but he later dropped out. Dawn Mellow discovered the works of Kors and that event led to another. Kors launched Michael Kors collection in 1981. He filed for bankruptcy in 1993 but later redeemed himself.




Art Stage Singapore

With a focus on Southeast Asian modern art, Art Stage Singapore and has won the patronage of artists, collectors and art lovers worldwide. In a recent event, Art Stage Singapore guessed 40,500 art enthusiasts who gave them opportunities for sales and relations.


We are Asia

We are Asia is the only international art fair that cores on the Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia. Last 2013, 131 galleries across the Asia and the world were brought out. Majority exhibitors are from Asia region which is 75% and 25% from leading international galleries. It shows its commitment to put Singapore and Southeast Asia as the center of art market.


The Innovator

The fair director himself. Lorenzo Rudolf, is also the founder of Art Stage Singapore. He is the former director of the renowned Art Basel and the pioneer for SH Contemporary in Shanghai and Art Basel Miami Beach. He keeps the art stage industry updated with international developments and practices which made him popular in the international art world.


A Constant Evolution

Art Stage Singapore believes that evolution is also important in this industry. The focus on Asia Pacific enhanced the presentation of the Indonesian Pavilion, Australian and Singaporean Platform. On 2013, it has organized more than 50 art tours and talks by artists not just to give benefit for entertainment furthermore to educate people about art with the help of NGOs such as SOTA (The School of the Arts) and the CCA (The Centre for Contemporary Art).

Art Stage Singapore always aims to come out with the finest Asian arts for its audiences.

Wholesome Singapore Fun

Age doesn’t matter for having fun in Singapore. Young or old could enjoy the wonderful places to visit – and all of these spots contribute quality time for families and friends to have fun.


Fun Everywhere

From adventurous sites and rides to educational destinations, each place offers a variety of fun and entertainment with high class services. If you’re a family looking for complete package of hotspots and bundle of fun and adventure, Sentosa is the best place. It offers exciting activities and places to visit like the Resort World Sentosa, high class tourist spots and historical monuments.

Various Tours to Choose From

Out of the 22 tours found in Singapore, the DUCK Tour ranked as third most popular according to TripAdvisor. It is one of a kind favorite of tourists and local citizens. If you are in Singapore, you couldn’t miss this extraordinary trip. Board on land and sea on a modernized authentic Vietnam war craft, the one hour travel would bring you to Singapore’s skyline, beautiful bay view and historical museums.


Learning History While on Tour

Stories about Singapore are heard from the DUCKtainers live onboard. If you like to roam around the city without being surrounded by the crowd, then the HIPPO Tour is the best for you. It could bring you around the city on an open top bus as you enjoy the city lights and world class architectural designs of buildings.

There’s Always Time to Have Fun

There are so many things to see and do in Singapore. Have a plunge of excitement and adventurous attitude as you visit this city. Whether young or old, there’s always a heart for fun. Plan your itineraries ahead of time and try looking on to websites for your unforgettable Singapore trip!

Teaching Teens How to Deal with Peer Pressure

You were a teenager once. You know what peer pressure means. It is only normal to identify yourself with a peer group but what is not normal is doing what they are doing even if you think that that is not good, right? You should tell that to your teens. You should always remind our teens to shy away from peer pressure by:


Being Prepared

You should teach your teen to be prepared to say ‘no’. They should be ready to say ‘no’ so when the time comes. For example, if they are offered with a cigarette or a liquor, they can simply decline and say ‘no’ firmly.

Avoiding It

The best way to deal with peer pressure is avoiding it. You should advice your kids to stay away from the places that make them uncomfortable.

Being Proud

Tell your teens that if they are proud of what they do and what they are, they do not need other people telling them what to do and what not to do especially if it is their peers. You can teach them to say “no thanks” for a start.



Standing Up

If you teach your teens to stand up especially if something is not right, they will surely not get into trouble. Encourage your kids to stand up for what is right instead of turning a blind eye.

We should not see all peer groups bad influence because there are other peer groups who encourage good things like helping others, studying together and many more. As a parent, you should always pray and wish that your teens find the right group of people who can create a positive impact in their life.

Keeping Stress Away

When we get old, we experience a lot of things that cause stress in our life. This is completely normal, but it is not normal if you let stress control your life. If you are unable to cope with stress, it may destroy your relationships, your family, health and work. Many people cope with the stresses in their life by using drugs or abusing alcohol. Needless to say, this will only aggravate the situation and any relief it brings is only temporary.


There are better ways to cope with stress. The simplest way is to slow down and think things through before you act on them.

Slowing Down

You live in a fast paced world. Sometimes you do not want to slow down because you are afraid you might be left out. If you feel that you are stressed out, it will help if you take things slowly. It doesn’t mean that you will stop. You only have to slow down and enjoy the small things like playing the computer, listening to music, having a bath, getting a massage, exercising, sleeping, eating out, etc.


Discussing Your Problems

It is important that you do not feel alone. If you feel alone, you will certainly live alone. Do not push the people you love and withdraw from them. You should talk to them and discuss your problems. Talking or discussing will help you feel good because finally, the weight is not that heavy anymore. The good thing about discussing your problems is that sometimes, ideas come.

You may see these things small or even insignificant but it will greatly help you. You will soon realize that. Do not let stress ruin your life. We live only once. Good luck and may you see it through.

Menu Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

Planning your dream wedding is not easy but you should expect good times. Planning the wedding is fun and thrilling if you put your heart to it. If it is time to set your wedding hotel banquet, you should not dally because time is of great essence especially if your wedding is just in the corner. Do not underestimate looking for wedding hotel banquet because it can be very daunting if you are specifically looking for something.

When you talked about your budget and the date, it is time to proceed looking for venue and if you choose hotels, you should also consider wedding hotel banquet. There are many wedding hotel banquets here in Singapore. When you talk about wedding hotel banquet, the hotel will usually take care of the cooking. You just need to choose a menu that they set.


Sometimes you want to go outside the box and give your visitors a twist. Ask the wedding hotel banquet team if it is possible you can get other caterers. If they agree to it, you are in luck. You should look for caterers right away so you can plan your dishes. This is not that hard because there are many caterers here in Singapore that you can book. So, here are some menu ideas that you can consider:

Seated Wedding

Seated weddings are usually expensive. In a seated wedding banquet setup, visitors will usually sit and wait for the food to come. Seated wedding is convenient and organize but it is costly. The cost will depend on the number of visitors. When you consider this, you should suggest your Singapore caterer new ideas from their appetizers to their desserts.

Buffet Wedding

Buffet weddings are usually inexpensive. But the only drawback is traffic jam. People will usually line and wait for their turn. Other people think this as inconvenient especially if they are very hungry. The trick here is to distribute the crowd accordingly. You should establish buffet stations for each course. For example to organize the perfect wedding banquet for singapore brides in Singapore you should separate the meats from the desserts so people who only want to eat dessert will not wait long. Buffet weddings will do. If there are any foods left, you can bring it to the house. It is good too because people can go back as long as they want.


Specialty Wedding

If you want a specialty wedding, you should tell it to your caterers. For example, you want a Jewish or Indian wedding. The foods should be specifically prepared.

It is up to you to determine how many courses you will have. You can go as high as ten courses if you like. If you simply want a three course meal, you should pursue it and not think about other things. Budget is really important. You should make sure that you do not exceed your food budget because you might compromise other things like the decor, wedding gowns, souvenirs, photographers and videographers. It is always good to stay on budget.

Weddings only come but once so it should be prepared. Good luck on your wedding and do not forget to enjoy it. Do not be anxious.

SG and PH Artists Forms Solidarity 21

Neighboring countries of Singapore has witness its cultural shift in the past decades wherein high rise buildings, luxurious hotels and restaurants multiply even today. Along with its rapid development in terms of economic phase, Singapore is one of the many countries in Southeast Asia known for its well-off culture and arts, particularly the – the ‘street arts.’


Members from RSCLS or the local artist in Singapore joined in a colorful and artistic activity in collaboration of some artists in the Philippines, the Katipunan Street Team (KST). This group of diverse artists has recently launched the Solidarity 21, a movement of artists advocating for solidarity across Asian region.

To put it simply, the movement’s main objective is to ‘unite’ local artists in both countries. The three-day event highlights huge mural painting, pop-up exhibition, as well as paint jam along 222 Queen Street, one of the oldest streets of Singapore while KST participants holds mini-forum wherein they share their own story and numerous experiences as an artist.

Human understanding on street art

Urban artist Samantha Lo (also known as SKL0), known for her graffiti artwork, she also shared her interest on street art. Similar to some artwork, the baseline thought of Solidarity 21 collaborating human understanding, interpretation on the cultural tapestry, in many faces or form. In an interview, Lo stressed out “the most important thing, to me is to have people really understand this.”

People stories and their perception towards street art are highly important for better understanding of this art form, Samantha added. The entire Solidarity 21 movement believes that through this initiative initiated by street artists themselves will continue to move, inspire, create positive door of acceptance, thereby their advocacies can be of great help on the richness of arts in Singapore, the Philippines and other participating country.

The Singapore Tourist Pass

Wandering in Singapore is easy and efficient as long as you know the MRT stations or the bus numbers. It would be helpful if you ask help when you feel you are lost or when you feel you need it. If it is your first time in visiting Singapore, the first thing that you should do is refer to Singapore Visitors Centres; the centres will advice must-see places. Well, you can follow it or make your own itinerary.


After the centre, you need to be familiar with the transportation. Unless you plan on riding taxis all the time, you should know basic things like the EZ-Link card and the Singapore tourist pass. If in this case your only concern is about the tourist pass, you came to the right place. The Singapore Tourist Pass is the only all-day travel pass that offers tourists unlimited travel (depending on the type of pass) on Singapore’s MRT and public buses.

When you talk about “unlimited travel”, it only covers basic public bus and train services. It rules out rides on Express bus services like Fast Forward, NightRider and the Nite Owl bus routes. You will surely enjoy exploring the island with ease as you choose between 1,2 or 3 all day travel pass. The travel pass is encoded in the EZ-Link card. You can choose three types of Singapore Tourist Passes.

The 1 day pass roughly costs S$8 while the 2 day pass costs S$16. If you are here for 3 days, you need to pay S$24. The prices for each type (S$8, S$16 and S$24) excludes a S$10 deposit; do not worry because the deposit is fully refundable when the pass or card is returned within five days. Pick which one suits you best and enjoy the city!

Surviving House Fire

Fire broke out last July 1, 2013 at a condominium building site located in Siglap. There were about three hundred construction workers around when the incident happened but fortunately, no one got hurt. The authorities are investigating the fire. Fire happens not only in commercial places but it can also happen in residential places. Families should know how to deal with fire when they face it.


Here are the things that the family should know when there is fire:

  • Do not panic. When you face fire, it is important that you keep your cool and think. Panicking will not do you good. Panic will only cloud your judgment. You should clear your mind from fear and anxiety so you can think straight.
  • If it is manageable, look for fire extinguishers or pail. If the fire is manageable, look for fire extinguishers and use it. If you do not have any, try to go and use a pail full of water then throw it in the fire.
  • If it is uncontrollable, go out. If it is uncontrollable, you should leave it and go.
  • Stay low and avoid inhaling smoke. You should stay low and crawl if possible to avoid inhaling the smoke. Smoke can suffocate you and it can kill.
  • Head to the door. You should head to the nearest door. If the door is blocked by fire, try escaping through your windows.
  • When you are outside, stay away from the fire. When you are out, you should maintain a safe distance from the fire.
  • If you can afford it, you can install smoke detectors and sprinkler systems. To avoid fire from engulfing all your valuables, you should install smoke detectors and sprinkler systems.

You cannot foresee fire but when it strikes, better be ready. Surviving a house fire is possible if you know what to do.

Surviving Fire in the Workplace

There was fire at the site of Flamingo Valley last July 1, 2013. Singapore Civil Defence Force swiftly killed the fire within five minutes. It was said that three hundred construction workers were at the site when the fire set off. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported. Investigations pertaining to the cause of the fire were initiated.


Fire happens but there are instruments and equipments that you can consider to help you put it out. When fire happens in the workplace, you should know what to do to increase your chances of surviving it. Here are things you can do when there is fire:


When you hear the alarm, move quickly. Do not be afraid to move.

Look for the door

When you are inside the room, the first thing that you should do is head to the door. You should feel if it is hot. If the bottom of the door is cool, it is a good sign. You should open the door and stay low and crawl. It is important that you yell so other people around will know that there is fire.

Head to the nearest fire exit

As a worker, you were oriented of the fire exit evacuation plans. You should follow it. If the exit is blocked by fire, you should escape through the windows and look for ladders.

Protect yourself from inhaling smoke

Smoke can suffocate you. It is important that you protect yourself from inhaling smoke. Take a damp shirt or rag and place it in your nose and mouth.

When you are out, stay away from the structure

When you are out, stay away from the burning structure. You should be at a safe distance.

Call for help

If you are injured, call for help. If you know someone trapped, get help to extract him/her.