Cancer Prevention 101: Healthy Habits You Should Adopt Now

Cancer is one of the most tragic words in the language. The number of people diagnosed with the disease has taken on an alarming surge over the recent years. In Singapore, for instance, roughly 37 people are diagnosed with cancer everyday according to the Singapore Cancer Society. No race, age bracket, or gender is safe from the disease — which only proves that Cancer strike almost anyone.

Though there hasn’t been discovered an ultimate cure to end cancer of all kinds, the good news is that there are many habits we can do throughout the day to reduce the risk of having this dreaded disease. This article will provide practical tips and strategies which can prevent many forms of cancer. If we decide to adopt these suggestions on the daily, these healthy behaviors may save our lives in the long run.

Have healthy meal options
Science made it clear how eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as other fiber-rich plant produce like whole grains and beans, can lower the risk of cancer. Choosing a range of healthy produce in a rainbow of colors is highly recommended by dietitians since they are generally high in nutrients, fiber content, and antioxidants. These compounds are known to protect our cells from damage.

Clean air with houseplants
Surrounding your home with houseplants of various kinds eliminates the potential hazards found in the air you breathe. Plants such as golden pothos and spider plant filter out formaldehyde, a common compound associated with cancer which may cause adverse health risks to the body; while chrysanthemums and gerbera daisies remove benzene, a harmful chemical linked with leukemia and other cancers of blood cells, from the air.

Don’t stay idle for too long
Studies suggest that sitting idle for long stretches of time can actually increase the risk of cancer. Make an effort to stand up, stretch, or walk around every hour especially if you are fond of spending a lot of time in front of the TV or if you have a desk job. Be on the move, be active!

Get your daily dose of Vitamin D
Exposing your skin to a fair share of sun light for 15 minutes may give you the protection you need from acquiring this deadly disease. Various evidences suggest that Vitamin D is capable of reducing the risk of prostate and colon cancer, among other malignancies. Just be sure to soak up on that summer sun for a healthy amount of time!

Drink green tea
A number of scientific studies has published significant results regarding the reduced risk of cancer in avid tea drinkers. Green tea has been valued greatly in many Asian countries spanning for thousands of years because of the many healing powers it has. Due to its rich compounds, it has been suggested to reduce the risk of different kinds of cancer such as: breast, ovarian, colon, prostate, and lung cancer.

4 Major Benefits of Yoga

A lot of people who are health and fitness conscious are now trying out yoga. Even celebrities are swearing by the positive effects of yoga to our mental and physical disposition. Some notable celebrities who are yoga fans are Charlize Theron, Vanessa Hudgens, Reese Witherspoon, Emily Blunt and Julia Roberts.


Not yet convinced? Here are some of the great benefits of yoga.

Promotes overall fitness and wellness

When you try yoga, you are not only making sure that you are physically fit, you are also ensuring a mentally and emotionally healthy life. Being healthy does not only constitute a healthy body but also a balanced mental health. IN yoga’s case, postures, proper breathing and meditation can help in all these aspects.

Weight loss

The difficult and complicated postures and positions in yoga can help you attain the fit and toned body that you’ve been wanting for so long. With the continuous practice of yoga, we will also become more conscious of our food choices.


Relieving stress

If you are a person who just want to unwind and de-stress, yoga is also a good way to do this. The hustle and bustle in our life and career can make us feel lethargic and tired. To keep the peace in our body and mind, there are various and different yoga positions we could try.

Body immunity

Overall health is the balance between the body, mind and the spirit. When we feel stressed and always tired, the body’s immunity to diseases decline. Yoga postures can massage and relax our different body organs and improve our breathing techniques. These can also strengthen muscles, bones and joints, improving body immunity against the daily wear and tear of the body.


4 Superfoods That Promote Skin Health

It’s almost impossible to get healthy and beautiful skin without engaging in healthy eating habits and exercise. You can’t just keep slathering on skin care products without taking care of your skin internally as well. A diet rich in nutritious foods can help skin regenerate faster and can give it that healthy glow.


This 2015 is the right time to start eating our way to great skin with the help of course of the following superfoods that can boost our skin health.


Kale was very big in 2014 and for the right reasons. This diet superfood not only helps deal with heart disease and diabetes, it can also make our skin smoother and supple. In fact, kale is in some of our skin cleansers and is usually partnered with pomegranate to achieve a healthier complexion.


Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is surprisingly also good for our skin health. These essential fatty acids, which are also found in walnuts and flax seeds, makes or cell membranes healthy and more effective in retaining skin moisture.


Berries and plums

Berries and plums have high antioxidant contents. These antioxidants help fight free radicals that come from unhealthy sun exposure present in our bodies and even in our skin. The phytochemicals and antioxidants help protect the cell and having lesser chances of skin cell damage.

Sweet potatoes

These superfood can give regular potatoes a run for its money. It contains large amounts of beta-carotene, an antioxidant that helps the skin avoid damage caused by the harmful rays of the sun. For healthier food choices, you can substitute the normal potato fries for baked sweet potato fries.


Get Some Much Needed Fibre

We all need fibre in our diet. Why? It’s because it is essential to keep things moving inside our guts. Unless you enjoy feeling constipated then you must really add fibre into your diet. For some creative ways to increase your fibre intake check out this list that will show you some food and beverage places, which serve up some delectable, fibre-packed treats.



Fruits are a good source of fibre. But it’s not easy gulping down a lot of fruits every day just to get that much needed fibre. So instead of chomping your way through several kilos of fruits why not opt for the easy and yummy way of ingesting more fruits by grabbing a tall cup of Freshman’s juice. Freshman serves high quality, fresh fruit juices that are definitely rich in fibre. You could choose from an expansive selection of fruit combinations which are certain to perk up your guts and delight your taste buds as well.


As you know, an easy way to collect a lot of fibre from fruits and vegetables is to extract their juices just like juice cleanses. And one shop that has mastered this craft is Joob.  Joob may be focused on providing juices for their detox programs but they believe that their juices are not limited for detox purposes alone. They are confident that their juice cleanses are beneficial even to those not on a detox. As such, they also sell single juice bottles made from organic, cold-pressed juices that are guaranteed to be high in fibre and good for you.



People may turn to VeganBurg to get their fill of meat-free dishes but simply knowing that they sell vegan menu items should spark an idea in your head. All of their foods are made from vegetables and fruits and as you know these are packed with fibre. So to get a good dose of fibre, be sure to visit any VeganBurg outlets. And just in case you didn’t know, VeganBurg serves up such scrumptious vegan fast-food meals that are definitely nutritious and easy on your budget.

VeganBurg 2

Home Remedies for Your Everyday Problem

You want to start your day right but when you see your hair so messed up or pimple so big, it instantaneously ruin your day. You should not let that ruin a beautiful day. The good news is that you can do something about it. The better news is that you can use home remedies so you can save.


Some Singaporeans are conscious about their looks. That is not a crime. Singaporeans should feel good and comfortable without spending so much money. Here are some home remedy tips that you can consider of your everyday problem:

  • For your hair: If you are always conscious about your hair, it is time that you do something about it. The cheapest way to deal with it is using egg yolks. You should know that egg yolks can make your hair shine.


  • For your pimple: Papaya is known to give skin the glow it deserves. Papaya can also take care of your pimple by reducing its inflammation and stopping the formation of pus.
  • For your teeth: After eating bananas, you can use its peels to whiten your teeth. Simply rub the insides of the peels to your teeth for at least two minutes before brushing it.
  • For your armpits: Deodorants are not healthy and practical. If you want an effective yet cheap way to battle body odor, you can try rubbing lemons with the help of baking soda. First, rub a small amount of baking soda to your armpit then wipe fresh lemons.
  • For your feet: If you have problems with your feet, the easiest thing to do is soak the feet to salt water and not rinsing it. If you notice any peeling, stop the soaking and look for other remedies.

If you have serious problems that home remedies cannot help, you should go to your doctors and ask for their expert advice. There are many clinics here in Singapore so finding a specialist is not a problem.