Breaking down The Best Skincare Routine to 4 Basic Steps

Skincare can be intimidating with all the “10-steps” routine of beauty gurus, but for beginners, you are better off working with the basics. You’ll be surprised to know a good skincare routine only needs a few products – 4 to be exact. You can also opt to use additional products when you already decide to work your way up to cater to the individual needs of your skin (such as oil control and acne prevention).

In starting your skincare routine, it’s advisable to buy skincare products that adapt accordingly to weather changes. Considering Singapore’s humid weather, you need to use products such as a sunscreen that can be easily reapplied during summer season, and a trusty moisturizer that you can layer on when the weather’s cold.

• Step 1 – Cleanser
Washing your face with a bar soap can be bad for your skin, since they come with a pH level of 9 – 10 which can be very drying. To maintain the skin’s natural acidic pH, you’ll ideally need a cleanser with a pH below 7. Cleansing your face is a great first step in adapting your new skincare routine, and it’s better if you stick with it.

• Step 2 – Moisturizer
Moisturizing your face after cleansing can do wonders to your skin especially with Singapore’s climate. You’d need a product which can provide ample hydration to your skin, like a moisturizer, to keep your skin in a healthy and soft condition. The good news is: choosing your moisturizer is a highly customizable step. You can opt for aloe vera, facial moisturizer, facial oils, or facial serums.

• Step 3 – Sunscreen
Aside from eating food rich in antioxidants, applying sunscreen is another way to protect your skin from rapid aging. Sunscreen helps in preventing premature wrinkles, protecting the skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays, and fading dark spots. They also come in comfortable formulations – which is designed to cater different skin needs.
You can go with a lightweight and easily-absorbed sunscreen for everyday use. But if you’re constantly on-the-go, you’re better off using sport sunscreens which are heavier and thicker to wear. The latter are water and sweat resistant for various outdoor activities.

• Step 4 – Exfoliant
Washing your face isn’t enough. You also need to exfoliate if you want to ensure all the oil, dirt, and excess product that pile up on your face are removed. The body naturally sheds dead skin regularly, but exfoliating your skin helps speed the process. Using a physical scrub is a great start. It can help you deal with blackheads, acne, whiteheads, and blackheads.

Using physical scrubs also have an immediate effect after one wash, resulting in smoother and softer skin. However, it isn’t recommended for everyday use. Using your scrub to exfoliate the skin at least once a week is a good rule of thumb.