Beating Hot Flashes  


Sweating and menopause is not a good combination. It is called hot flashes. Singaporeans who are at their senior age are guaranteed to encounter this but some do not understand the phenomena. For these people, they will experience intense heat starting from their chest and eventually rises to their neck and head.

Doctors believe that hot flashes as well as night sweats occur as a result of a woman’s shifting oestrogen levels. It will pass after five minutes but episodes occur twenty or thirty times a day – that is real uncomfortable.  The good news is that there are many ways to beat hot flashes.

Here are some:

  • Check weight: For those who are suffering hot flashes, they have to check their weight. Those who are overweight will suffer hot flashes more. It is important that they think about weight loss program.


  • Stop smoking: Many studies determined that smoking intensifies hot flashes. Even if hot flashes are not present, it is high time that women at their senior age stop smoking – for health purposes at least.
  • Clothing: Hot flashes can be survived with the help of wearing the right clothes. They should keep cardigans and thick clothes in their closet and consider light clothes. When sleeping, materials that keep away moisture can improve their quality of sleep.
  • Soy: There were studies of soy in relation to hot flashes but they are inconsistent. Some women think that soy can help. They can try to add soy to their diet like soybeans, miso or tofu.

Hot flashes cannot be avoided but things can be arranged to keep it less annoying and frustrating. menopause

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