9 Reasons to Use Artificial Flowers for Your Wedding


Flower bouquets certainly make festivities extraordinary. Its use is a fancy way of expressing adoration and care. Real bouquets, regardless of its beauty, are usually challenging to take care of and sustain. Given that they are utilized for several functions, they’ve come to progress so that flowers could certainly last longer.


Aside from the reasonably priced reason, plastic flowers are common as bridal decorations due to the following reasons:

  1. Silk flowers can be prepared ahead of time. As opposed to newly harvested flowering plants that should be assembled right before the party, manufactured flowers take away the difficulty of the very last significant moments leading to the ceremony. Even if they have been designed days earlier, they seem exactly like how they are likely to look.


  1. Out of season flowers can be used throughout the year. The possibilities for silk flowers are boundless. They aren’t natural plants and so the assortments are not limited to those in season. No need to wait and even time your wedding event with the flowering months. You could still go ahead with your entirely blue-colored dream concept even though turquoise-colored hydrangeas don’t grow in December.


  1. It’s weather-proof. When the climate doesn’t cooperate during your wedding day, your silk flowers will stay sturdy with drastic heat or heavy rainfall. Quite a few have Ultra-violet sheets for protection and can stand cold weather and even unforgiving environments. Very low routine maintenance is needed so they will consistently appear wonderful.


  1. Easy to decorate. Artificial flowers allow fairly easy modifications with a bit of trims here and there. They are not delicate and also mistakes aren’t fatal to the structure because cables can save the root that cut too short.


  1. They even seem to be real under water. A well-known fad in the bridal fashion business right now is underwater flower. These underwater flowers are often placed as centerpieces or church aisle décor. The wedding guests won’t find out that all those silk flower arrangements aren’t natural except if they’ll touch it.


  1. Suitable for individuals with allergies. A number of people simply could not endure pollen. Out of control signs and symptoms like sneezing, itchy eyes, and difficulty in breathing might be avoided because artificial flowers will never aggravate the allergic reaction.


  1. No little insects. Garden wedding ceremonies are safe from bug infestation because the plants won’t lure them. Artificial flower arrangements solely attract humans, not insects.


  1. Ideal as souvenirs. The guests will remember your big day for a long period with the stunning artificial flower bouquets you have given them. Be prepared for continuous “head over heels” appreciation from them because these favors will certainly liven up their houses for many, many years.


  1. Harmless. These artificial flowers are not hazardous to young children and also pets that might eat them throughout the event. Yet still, playing with silk flowers will not likely be encouraged. The flower arrangements might come with very little bits and pieces that can choke your child or pet.

With such benefits, your wedding event can be more fabulous and also stress-free. The decision of whether to utilize cheap silk flowers or stick to the organically produced plants will depend on the factors that work best with your personality, theme, budget, and also preferences.


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