5 Ways to Make Your Room Cosier


After a long, stressful day at work or in school, you just want to be at peace and just relax. Make your room more conducive for rest and relaxation by adding a few pieces here and there. Here are some ideas to transform your room into a cosier sleep sanctuary.


  1. Cushioned Headboard

If you’re ceiling is in standard ceiling (around eight feet), look for a headboard size that’s anywhere between 45 to 55 inches in height. You would want to get one that has enough height to comfortably lean back, but no more than a foot above the tallest pillow you have; or else, any wall art will look too high or too close from the headboard. Also, get the cushioned version for added comfort when sitting up in bed.

  1. Bench

Adding a bench at the foot of the bed provides a place for the family to curl up and bond. However, make sure there’s at least three-inch space between the opposite wall and the bench. If none, your room would be better off without it, to keep the space from feeling and looking crowded.


  1. A Large Rug

If you want your feet to land on a soft, cosy spot when you wake up in the morning, stay away from sea grass or sisal rugs, which are rough to the touch. For the rug sizing, the ideal size is at least 20 inches of covering on all three sides of your bed; lesser than that looks awkward and cramped up.

  1. Throw Pillows

Toss a couple of throw pillow over your duvet, especially during colder months; the pillow adds warmth to the look of the room. On warmer months, place the throw pillow on the bench or any chair, just like how you throw them on the sofa.

  1. Lamps

In case you have two different looking tables on each side of your bed, tie the look together by topping them with matching lamps. The traditional drum-style lamps is your safest bet as its clean shape will never go out of style.

Making your room cosier doesn’t need major renovations. As simple as adding a rug or throw pillows, or even playing soothing background music, you can make your room a more comfortable place to sleep and rest.


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