5 Ways Humour Can Boost Your Career


Some people think that work should be devoid of humour. However, work and play don’t have to be completely restricted from each other. If and when it’s used the right way, humour can be a great factor to succeed at work. In fact, there are good reasons why bringing in tasteful humour to work can actually boost you career. Here are a few of them.

Corporate Growth

  1. Humour Encourages Creative Thinking

Humour helps you view the world less rigidly, and removing rigidity from your thinking boosts creativity. The inspiring and relaxing effect of humour helps foster creative mentality that’s significant for becoming a good team leader.

  1. Humour Builds Trust

Since wittiness easily makes a person more likeable, it also makes people more likely to trust you. When you show sense of humour, the people around you detects the authenticity in your personality compared to your more reserved co-workers, who may come off as aloof from everyone else.

  1. Humour is a Great Equalizer

A tasteful humour makes you more approachable. So if you’re a boss or an administrator trying to bond with your employees, humour is the best way to do that. Of course, it goes without saying that humour at the expense of your colleagues or subordinates are never a good idea.


  1. Humour Helps With the Customer Services

Just as it helps humanize company heads, humour also helps humanize the company as a whole. A good sense of humour helps you to truly connect with your clients in such a way that can generate loyal followers.

  1. Humour Makes People to Want to Work With You

Injecting healthy humour to your job helps a lot in the team building. People want to work with people they like—and when your co-workers like you, you and everyone else will find the workplace to be more enjoyable.

It may take awhile to be comfortable to use wit in your job, but it’s definitely a worthy pursuit. The goal is not to be voted as the funniest employee, but to build a healthy relationship and work environment for you and for your co-workers.


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