4 Common Mistakes of Home Painting Projects

Repainting is the most popular project when aiming for home improvement. Though there are other ways to dramatically change the physical appearance of your home, house painting is relatively economical. Even better, house paints can be easily changed anytime you wish to redecorate.


While it’s obvious why many Singapore homeowners prefer home painting, it’s still important to keep in mind that even the simplest-sounding tasks can result to nightmares if done incorrectly. Painting is not just about putting colors to your walls. Many details should be considered to make sure your job would look good.

Mistake #1: Following Trends

Nothing’s wrong with searching for inspirations in magazines and the internet. However, copying every color and detail from what you’ve viewed may not be beneficial in the long run. Just like fashion, painting trends quickly come and go. The very vibrant and eye-catching look right will likely be replaced after a few years, giving your property an out-of-date look. Moreover, many of today’s trendy home painting colors require matching furniture and accessories, only bloating your budget of your home renovation.

Mistake #2: Purchasing the Cheapest Paint

Painting project could be the cheapest way to revamp your home. However, buying the cheapest paint in store may only cost you more down the road. Cheap house paints dry unevenly and are more likely to require a number of coatings to get your desired shade. Many Singapore homeowners have committed this mistake and end up buying another can of color, which only raises the price of their painting job.

This doesn’t mean that you should purchase the most expensive paint. You just have to be knowledgeable enough of the many available options in the market. Ask your painting services contractor about the brand of paint he likes. He’ll probably advice you to pick a mid-range painting product.


Mistake #3: Buying Not Enough Paint

While shopping for paint, make sure to have enough for the entire room or area where you intend to paint it. Keep in mind that even the same color of paint differ from can to can, either a tone lighter or a tone darker.
When shopping for paint, it is better to have a couple of cans more than run short. It’s a good idea to have some left over in case there are necessary touchups needed. Even if you don’t need the excess paints, buying more cans than what you need will save you from this mistake.

Mistake #4: Letting an Unprofessional Do the Job

Nothing compares to the flawless home painting project done be professional painting services provider. Singapore painting services have the right equipment, skills, and experience needed to complete your painting job beautifully and successfully.
If you’re hiring somebody else to do the job, it means you’ve already decided that your painting skills aren’t enough to complete the task. Therefore, it just makes no sense to pay for an amateur service, when they are likely to have the same skill level you have. To ensure a perfect and professional looking painting task, play it safe and look for a professional painting services provider.


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