2014 Hollywood Movie Flops

Here in Singapore, there are many movie bums be it local or international films. If in this case you are a big fun of Hollywood films, you have to know movies that flopped. By flop, it means movies that had high production cost or budget but when it was screened, the profits are short.

The Expendables 3 New Banner

Here are some Hollywood movie films that flopped for this year:

  • The Expandables 3: This is the third installation of Slyvester Stallone’s action series. It brought together action stars which corresponded to higher movie budget. It had a budget of $190 million in production but it only opened at $15.8 million last August. This is only in United States. When it was screened overseas, it made $167 million.
  • Trancendence: Johnny Depp starred in this science-fiction film. Its production budget was $100 million but it only opened at $11 million.
  • Pompeii: The story of how a volcano destroyed the city of Pompeii was produced with a budget of $100 million but it only opened at $10 million.


  • The Legend of Hercules: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson starred in this film. It had a budget of $70 million but it only finished at $61 million worldwide.
  • I, Frankenstein: Aaron Eckhart starred this horror film. It had a budget of $65 million but it only opened at $8.6 million. The movie redeemed itself because it gained $71 million worldwide before finishing.
  • The Lone Ranger: This is another film starred by Johnny Depp. Though it flopped, it was not that bad.

According to experts, this is four percent down compared last year. In fact, this is by far the lowest in history. Despite the figures, Singaporeans still appreciate movies mentioned above.

The Lone Ranger

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