Managing Panic Attacks

The success of anxiety disorder treatments depends not just on medication and lifestyle changes, but also on how you can consistently manage the symptoms to live a much better life overall. There will be days and triggering factors that can cause a panic attack even while you’re still undergoing treatment, so what do you do when that happens?

Develop Strategies
You should already have a strategy to follow in case you have a panic attack. Discuss this with your psychiatrist and trusted family members and friends, to help you look out for signs of an attack. Identify thoughts, actions, and situations that trigger an attack. Once you know the symptoms that you usually exhibit, it will be easier to remember the panic attack strategies that you came up with.

Stop and Relax
When you feel as if you’re about to lose control of your emotions, stop what you are doing and remember the panic strategy you came up with. Find a comfortable place to sit if you can and stay away from distractions until you are calm. If a person or an object has triggered the attack, distance yourself from them if it will help. You will not be able to organize your thoughts if you are distracted.

Diaphragmatic Breathing
While taking deep breaths might help calm you down during a panic attack, this type of breathing is much more relaxing because this will allow your belly to expand instead of just your chest. Inhalation and exhalation will take a lot longer, too. The act will not completely stop an attack, but it will help you calm down a bit. Take your time until you feel you have much more control, then start relaxing your muscles.

Relax Your Muscles
In a panic attack, you breathe faster, feel dizzy, and your heart will race. If you can get your breathing to relax using the technique above, it will also be easier to release the tension in your muscles. This way, you will be aware of how rigid your muscles have become because you feel as if you’re about to suffocate. Slowly release the pressure in different muscle groups in your body by slowly flexing them starting with your toes up to your head.

Think Happy Thoughts
Once you have taken control of the physical symptoms of the attack, it’s time to slowly take control of your thoughts. Push out the negative images in your mind and think of something good instead. By focusing on the negative, you’ll be losing more control of your emotions. Keep reminding yourself that you are in control and that you’re strong. If you need to leave the room to get fresh air or take a break, don’t hesitate to do so if it’s going to help you calm down.

Keep Busy
You might also want to try distracting yourself with activities that will help you relax, such as exercising, listening to music, watching a movie, reading a book or talking to people who care for and love you.

How to Stop Food Cravings

We’re all guilty of succumbing to food cravings especially when we’re stressed or tired, but an intense desire to eat food not only will make keeping an ideal weight difficult, it will also result in a host of other health problems.

If you feel like your life depends on that slice of pizza or that you can’t start the day without a bite of that chocolate, then these are the things you need to do to stop food cravings.

Start with a Breakfast. Unhealthy cravings are sometimes triggered by skipping meals, especially when you start your day without enough fuel. This could end in a vicious cycle of lowering blood sugar levels in the morning that will make you hungry the rest of the day.

Don’t Skip Meals. If skipping breakfast isn’t good for your body, then it goes without saying that skipping proper meals at scheduled times will also increase your food cravings. Force yourself to say no to eating in between meals or small snacks.

Consider Your Budget. If you really need to have that food, then you can include it in your weekly budget as a treat. After all, you do not want to overspend money on something you know you can live without for a while. Perhaps you can even use that as a motivation to work hard the whole week with the craved food item as a reward.

Plan Your Meals. If you’re short on the budget, it’s a good idea to plan your meals for the week. That way, you won’t be tempted to buy what you randomly see on the menu or the grocery.

Count Calories. If you’re trying to lose weight but still give in to temptation, then you’re not going to improve at all. If you don’t want to feel deprived, count the calories you will get for each serving of the craved food so you can still stick to your diet and calorie allowance.

Drink Water. Try drinking a glass of water if you feel an urge to eat something, maybe it will fade after a while. Water before meals can also reduce appetite and make you feel full.

Get Enough Sleep. If you’re not getting enough sleep, then your body is trying to compensate for the lack of rest by telling you to eat more. Your hormone levels are also messed up, that is why there are studies that show that sleep-deprived people are more likely to get fat than those who get enough rest.

Take Away Temptation. Maybe you just need to get away from the temptation. Distract yourself with other activities or try an alternative food.

The Importance of Learning New Skills

Why should we invest our time in learning something new every once in a while? Well, this is because it is part of our humanity. Whether we like it or not, our brains are designed to absorb information every single day. This begs another question as to what we actually feed our brain. There’s a saying that goes garbage in garbage out and this is very true.

The information we build upon depends on the information we feed our brain. This is very evident in children. Feeding your children with positive information like bright colors, cartoons, and etcetera can definitely contribute to a healthy childhood. Get the picture? Well, here’s the thing, nursery rhymes are designed to be sung in a positive tone to effect children with positivity.

Studies show that it isn’t healthy to have a child be exposed to negative or inappropriate material at a young age. This is why you shouldn’t shout at children as the volume of your voice goes way beyond the comfortable level of volume they are used to hear which causes stress. Let’s say that instead of watching commercials, we watch documentaries. Watching commercials still feed our mind! Commercials are designed to feed you information about the company they are advertising.

Commercials provide you with the sufficient information to spike your interest towards the company. Documentaries on the other hand are obviously dedicated to different topics spending a huge amount of time and effort on research and compiling their findings. Whichever of the two you choose to watch, you are learning something new either way. When it comes to our skills, they are developed through hobbies.

Collecting healthy hobbies around definitely builds a better person. After all, we are defined by our routine. We don’t call an engineer who likes to paint an engineer, we call him a student. Hobbies and routines are important but if they are so important, why should we learn a new skill every once and then? This is because learning a different skill sharpens our brain and our ability to learn.

Learning itself is a skill! Some people learn more than others and that is because they have better learning skills than others. Some of them are just naturally skilled learners while others are a product of immense practice. We should definitely sharpen our learning skills. Even if it is about learning origami, this helps us not only expand our mind but also sharpen our rusted learning skills.

Besides, learning something new is fun isn’t it? It doesn’t matter if it is a sport, a musical instrument, or whatever, learning is important. Spend your time learning instead of admiring. Admiration is good but sometimes it sucks away the urge to actually move. By the way, did you know that too much dreaming is bad for you? We’re talking about day dreaming.

When you are daydreaming, your body secretes dopamine which is a chemical that gives you the feeling of accomplishment. What happens when you do this on a regular basis? The more you feel the feeling of accomplishment, the less hungry you are to actually accomplish things. Why settle for just a dream if you could work your way through to the real thing? Why dream of becoming an amazing guitar player when you can actually become one?

The Steps of Learning a New Skill

Learning a new skill may seem like a challenge for some but honestly, it shouldn’t be. Back when we were kids, there were always kids who were faster and stronger than others but then again, those were the only measurements of skill back then? Now we have a lot of different types of skills we can learn. Learning is something we do every day whether we like it or not.

As human beings, we are naturally information feeders. We absorb information every now and then. Whether it be from watching a movie, reading a book, or maybe just reading a menu. Our whole lives are spent around learning! Now, why shouldn’t we learn something new? One answer is that it is hard to learn a new skill. Yes, it is hard, but it is not impossible.

Learning comes after these three stages:

1. You know nothing
Let’s say you’ve never touched a guitar in your life then you suddenly came across this song that made you think to yourself, I want to play guitar so bad! Where do you start? Naturally, you start by learning the basics. When you know nothing, it is easy to become hungry for knowledge and this is something that you should always do. Do not be overwhelmed by the multitude of information. Just take it one step at a time.

2. You think you know everything
Maybe this doesn’t apply to all of us, but for some of us, we reach a point where we think to ourselves, I’m good. This is one of the most destructive stages in the learning process. This blocks out all potential information to get inside your head and instead of actually being able to learn something, you might just say “I already know enough.” Well, newsflash! Nobody knows enough. There is still so much to learn! Do not settle for what you know if you are truly passionate about something. Comfortability kills passion and once you’ve become comfortable, you will never grow.

3. You realize you know nothing
At last, let’s say you reach that humbling moment when you realize that there is always somebody better than you. What do you do now? You hit the books! Once you realized that you know nothing, this will bring you back to the start when you were hungry for knowledge and would go to great extents just to learn a little bit more! Refuel your passion and go back to becoming a student. There is no such thing as a master, there are only better students. Who knows, someday you might even be able to surpass those you looked up to.

Learning a new skill doesn’t have to be that hard.

The Golden Rules of Applying Lip Liner

When lined well, a lip liner can perfectly flatter your lips and make it more attractive. However, the product can make it obvious that you are wearing makeup when applied incorrectly. Overdrawn lines can look harsh and unflattering, which is why it’s important to keep it subtle. Your lips look younger, fuller, and more defined this way.

Rigid lip lines are a No-no! There’s no excuse for overdrawing the rim of your lips, too. You just need to practice and improve your lip liner application skills. To maximize the benefits of your lip liner, here are some golden rules you must always keep in mind when applying the product!

1. Use liners that are lighter than your lipstick shade.
Remember that your liner must always be a shade darker than the natural color of your lips, but it must also be a shade lighter than your lipstick color of choice. The contrast will be hideous if otherwise! If you’re looking for a safe bet, you can go with a neutral-colored natural liner. Look for neutrals, since they are enough to match varying shades of lipstick.

2. Avoid overdrawing your lip lines.
Avoid overdrawn and rigid lip lines at all costs! We can’t stress this enough. You are better off not heading outside with overdrawn lines. Keep in mind that the use of your lip liner is to enhance the look and shape of your lips, and not to overly exaggerate your pucker. To ensure you don’t go overboard, start off by tracing your lip line and decide if drawing ever so slightly above it is good – just to add that extra fullness!

3. Make sure your lips are properly scrubbed off.
To achieve full and rich lips, make sure your lips are properly exfoliated. Take an old toothbrush, apply some Vaseline on your lips, and use the brush to scrub your lips gently. Doing so gets rid of the dead, flaky skin on your lips. It also makes your lips softer and conditions the lips ready for lip liner and lipstick application.

4. Allow your lip liner to multitask.
Your trusty lip liner can both act as a definer and a lipstick. Not only does it give the shape of your lips a nice detail, but it also gives your lips that beautiful, matte color. Several lip liners sold in the market now come in crayon-like tips, and it is versatile enough to serve as your only lip product for the entire night! The next time you grab some drink with your girls, you’ll be just fine with your lip liner in your pouch.

5. If you don’t have a lip liner with you, improvise!
You don’t always have to rely on a lip liner to give your lips a touch of nice detail. Instead, just make use of the products available to you. If your lip liner is nowhere to be found, grab a lipstick brush and use your lipstick in place of a lip liner. The results are just the same as when you use an actual lip liner.

Breaking down The Best Skincare Routine to 4 Basic Steps

Skincare can be intimidating with all the “10-steps” routine of beauty gurus, but for beginners, you are better off working with the basics. You’ll be surprised to know a good skincare routine only needs a few products – 4 to be exact. You can also opt to use additional products when you already decide to work your way up to cater to the individual needs of your skin (such as oil control and acne prevention).

In starting your skincare routine, it’s advisable to buy skincare products that adapt accordingly to weather changes. Considering Singapore’s humid weather, you need to use products such as a sunscreen that can be easily reapplied during summer season, and a trusty moisturizer that you can layer on when the weather’s cold.

• Step 1 – Cleanser
Washing your face with a bar soap can be bad for your skin, since they come with a pH level of 9 – 10 which can be very drying. To maintain the skin’s natural acidic pH, you’ll ideally need a cleanser with a pH below 7. Cleansing your face is a great first step in adapting your new skincare routine, and it’s better if you stick with it.

• Step 2 – Moisturizer
Moisturizing your face after cleansing can do wonders to your skin especially with Singapore’s climate. You’d need a product which can provide ample hydration to your skin, like a moisturizer, to keep your skin in a healthy and soft condition. The good news is: choosing your moisturizer is a highly customizable step. You can opt for aloe vera, facial moisturizer, facial oils, or facial serums.

• Step 3 – Sunscreen
Aside from eating food rich in antioxidants, applying sunscreen is another way to protect your skin from rapid aging. Sunscreen helps in preventing premature wrinkles, protecting the skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays, and fading dark spots. They also come in comfortable formulations – which is designed to cater different skin needs.
You can go with a lightweight and easily-absorbed sunscreen for everyday use. But if you’re constantly on-the-go, you’re better off using sport sunscreens which are heavier and thicker to wear. The latter are water and sweat resistant for various outdoor activities.

• Step 4 – Exfoliant
Washing your face isn’t enough. You also need to exfoliate if you want to ensure all the oil, dirt, and excess product that pile up on your face are removed. The body naturally sheds dead skin regularly, but exfoliating your skin helps speed the process. Using a physical scrub is a great start. It can help you deal with blackheads, acne, whiteheads, and blackheads.

Using physical scrubs also have an immediate effect after one wash, resulting in smoother and softer skin. However, it isn’t recommended for everyday use. Using your scrub to exfoliate the skin at least once a week is a good rule of thumb.

Choosing Your Career

Building your career can sometimes be as difficult as choosing one. After all, there are only two steps to fix a problem. The first step is knowing what the problem is and the second one is simply to do something about it. Career paths have been chosen through many different methods of choosing. Some people let their parents choose a career while others have known by heart what they want to be. Not everybody follows the same path my friend.

From the start, you are usually trained and taught equally with your peers but the moment you go off to university, you then start building a career path for yourself. Now, remember when you were a kid and you were asked the question of what you want to be when you get older? Wasn’t it easier to answer back then? What happened?

The older you get, the broader your options become which then leads you to factor in a lot of different things which makes it much harder for you to choose a career. It’s definitely true that the more options we have, the harder it is for us to be able to choose. The choice between eating a steak and a fried chicken can be really easy for us. There are many approaches towards this decision. One of them could be that you have a sentimental attachment to chicken and would definitely choose chicken any day of the week!

For others who take on a more complicated approach would most likely pick the steak because of the complexity of the cooking and the quality of the meat and so many other factors. Was either of them wrong to have chosen one over the other? Well, definitely not! The thing about choosing for yourself is that there shouldn’t be any comparison to anything else. The less you compare, the easier it is to pick.

One way for you to be able to pick a career would be asking yourself direct questions like who do you want to become, where do you see yourself, and what do you want to do? These questions have different importance depending on our stand. Some people are more concerned about living a stress free life which would push them to a career that is solid but stable which allows them to do other things in life which they enjoy.

Others admire the competition and wan to chase after becoming the best! Last but no the least, some people are more concerned with where they want to be! A great example of this is the people who venture out of their country and migrate to another with the confidence of knowing that that is where they want to be. Ask yourself these three questions and find out which is more important.

Marina Bay Carnival

Okay, maybe it’s time to unleash the inner kid inside of us. Remember when everything was so wide and colorful that everywhere you turn, mystery and delight were all that surrounded you? The Marina Bay Carnival is definitely a child’s wonderland! But hey, we didn’t say if was for children, we were talking about the inner child inside all of us! Everything can be wonderful and amazing as the rides not only paint colorful pictures but also release the adrenaline through the thrill of world class roller coaster and other entertainment!

Just recently opened, this carnival is planned to be up and functioning until April 1 which means you have to take advantage of the opportunity to be able to hop on a few rides and enjoy! With 25,000 square meters, 40 thrilling attractions, and 20 food stalls, you won’t even be able to finish everything in a day!

Here are a few attractions you should definitely try!

1. Star flyer
This attraction starts by lifting you 35 meters off the ground then spinning you 360 degrees around! Imagine getting a birds eye view of the whole city in a matter of seconds again and again! This might not be for the faint of heart, but if you’ve mustered up the courage to try, you definitely should!

2. Mach 5
Let’s say that being hoisted 55 meters in the air is already thrilling. Now, imagine being hoisted 55 meters in the air at 96 kmph while you are twisted repeatedly! Can you imagine how much fun that may be like for adrenaline junkies! Maybe this isn’t for everyone but if you’re one of the few that has tried this, then congratulations!

3. Jungle river
Getting too hot? Well, maybe you should try out the jungle river! The jungle river isn’t jus an attraction that is suppose to cool you down, this attraction is packed with fun and enjoyment as you are cruising through the water.

Marina Bay has been known to bring us delightful entertainment and attractions but this time, they’ve over done themselves. The carnival is more than just a carnival, it is an amazing place for fun and entertainment with your family and friends! Everyone is in search for the perfect source of dopamine and going through these thrilling rides might just give you what you wanted. Not only does this ride entertain you, it is a good experience for you to feel the urge of survival once more! Do something a little daring everyday just to get your heart racing every once in a while. Now, why would anybody not want to go to the Marina Bay Carnival? You should definitely check them out before it is too late.

Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Fine Dining Restaurants

Fine dining restaurants do not just cater to upscale clientele, but some diners also choose these specialty restaurants to celebrate intimate and special occasions. So, what does fine dining really mean and what do you need to start one of your own?

What is Fine Dining?

What makes fine dining different from casual dining? Do the price of the ingredients and the accomplishments of the chef matter?

Since the 1950s, the popularity of the assembly line made it possible to produce more food at low costs, resulting in a chain of restaurants that serve the same food and market a specific theme. But even with the rise of fast-food chain popularity, there are still restaurants that serve home-cooked meals and specialties. Fine dining belongs to this group, but it is also a specialty restaurant that require commercial kitchen equipment from Singapore because it offers menu and services that target a specific group of clients who are willing to pay more for food. Casual restaurants also serve good food, but at more competitive prices.

Fine dining restaurants, also called white tablecloth sit-down restaurants, must have a formal atmosphere and specially-trained staff that will help serve food, beverage, and services that an upscale clientele will need; such as wine lists and exotic menu with smaller portions than casual restaurants. The menu must contain a selection that is not offered in most restaurants, and you could change the menu on a weekly or daily basis (called prix fixe menu). However, you must remember that there is not one definition of fine dining. Some of the highest-rated restaurants in the world have simple and sleek interior designs, while others specialize in specific regional or national cuisine.

What Does a Fine Dining Restaurant Need?

Starting a fine dining restaurant in Singapore can be a challenge, because you will be competing with the best chefs in the world. However, all first-rate restaurants follow these same basic steps.

    • Come up with a business plan and financing scheme that will allow you to operate for the first several months
    • Pick an ideal location near your target customers and market your specialty
    • Review all the permits, licenses, and taxes required to open a food business in Singapore
    • Hire specially-trained staff; don’t forget to check labor laws related to hiring foreign workers
    • Consult a kitchen designer and a kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore
    • Pick high-quality and first-rate commercial kitchen equipment and other supplies
    • Set up a reservation system for customers and build connections with local farms, businesses, and suppliers
    • Build on a good reputation through quality food, beverage, and services

What is the Best Kitchen Layout?

You will need to work closely with the architects, restaurant consultants, kitchen designers, and kitchen equipment supplier not only when designing the kitchen, but also to express your unique menu, first-rate service, and quality décor and food.

The best way to begin that is by knowing all the processes involved in cooking, consulting your menu, and learning about the functions of the common commercial kitchen equipment. You cannot just buy your equipment and instruct your workers to place them just about everywhere. Quality service starts not with quality equipment, but with a smart kitchen design that will maximize the potential of all kitchen tools and make the tasks easier for your kitchen staff.

One of the trends in fine dining restaurant kitchens is the use of multifunctioning commercial equipment to save space. This means that some of the appliances will be designed to perform several functions, but still allow for freedom of control when it comes to cooking. Keep this in mind if you want an even distribution of labor for an efficient service.

Another trend in fine dining is a setting up a bar for your beverages. It’s not fine dining without alcoholic drinks after all. Setting up a full-service bar might be a great option for you if you want to showcase some of the best cocktail drinks in your business.

What Types of Equipment Will I Need?

Like any food business, you will need basic preparation and cooking equipment, but to maximize the space and to save money, you should pick only the items that a startup fine dining restaurant will need. Later you can expand and buy more commercial kitchen equipment once your restaurant income is stable.

Restaurant Bar

Your bar should have all the necessary supplies to serve different types of customers. The following commercial kitchen equipment are needed:

    • Ice maker, cube ice machine, and ice dispenser
    • Juicer
    • Bar blenders
    • Underbar equipment and accessories
    • Bottle coolers, wine cooler, keg storage, beer tap, and glycol system
    • Glass racks or speed rails
    • Coffee equipment
    • Hot beverage dispenser or coffee dispenser
    • Cold or frozen beverage dispenser
    • Commercial water dispenser

Storage Area

The storage area should be near the kitchen so that it’s accessible to your staff. The commercial kitchen equipment needed in this area are the following:

    • Commercial refrigerators
    • Freezers and coolers
    • Commercial shelving and tables
    • Ingredient bins


The kitchen can be divided into special areas such as preparation, hot food, cold kitchen, bakery/confectionery, and wash up.

The preparation area is where all the ingredients are prepared for cooking. Hot food is the area for creating soup, roasted food, vegetable or seafood dishes, sauce, and grilled or fried food. Bakery and confectionery area is where all the baking preparations are done. Finally, the wash up area is for the pot wash and plate sections.

Your kitchen should contain the following commercial kitchen equipment:

    • Commercial ranges
    • Commercial ovens
    • Commercial deep fryer
    • Commercial grill or griddles
    • Specialty cooking equipment
    • Steamers, steam kettles, and combi ovens
    • Commercial stations and work tables
    • Commercial sinks
    • Toasters
    • Broilers
    • Microwave oven
    • Slicers, mixers, and food processors
    • Holding carts and cabinets
    • Food wells and steam tables
    • Commercial dishwashers
    • Dish tables and cabinets

Cancer Prevention 101: Healthy Habits You Should Adopt Now

Cancer is one of the most tragic words in the language. The number of people diagnosed with the disease has taken on an alarming surge over the recent years. In Singapore, for instance, roughly 37 people are diagnosed with cancer everyday according to the Singapore Cancer Society. No race, age bracket, or gender is safe from the disease — which only proves that Cancer strike almost anyone.

Though there hasn’t been discovered an ultimate cure to end cancer of all kinds, the good news is that there are many habits we can do throughout the day to reduce the risk of having this dreaded disease. This article will provide practical tips and strategies which can prevent many forms of cancer. If we decide to adopt these suggestions on the daily, these healthy behaviors may save our lives in the long run.

Have healthy meal options
Science made it clear how eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as other fiber-rich plant produce like whole grains and beans, can lower the risk of cancer. Choosing a range of healthy produce in a rainbow of colors is highly recommended by dietitians since they are generally high in nutrients, fiber content, and antioxidants. These compounds are known to protect our cells from damage.

Clean air with houseplants
Surrounding your home with houseplants of various kinds eliminates the potential hazards found in the air you breathe. Plants such as golden pothos and spider plant filter out formaldehyde, a common compound associated with cancer which may cause adverse health risks to the body; while chrysanthemums and gerbera daisies remove benzene, a harmful chemical linked with leukemia and other cancers of blood cells, from the air.

Don’t stay idle for too long
Studies suggest that sitting idle for long stretches of time can actually increase the risk of cancer. Make an effort to stand up, stretch, or walk around every hour especially if you are fond of spending a lot of time in front of the TV or if you have a desk job. Be on the move, be active!

Get your daily dose of Vitamin D
Exposing your skin to a fair share of sun light for 15 minutes may give you the protection you need from acquiring this deadly disease. Various evidences suggest that Vitamin D is capable of reducing the risk of prostate and colon cancer, among other malignancies. Just be sure to soak up on that summer sun for a healthy amount of time!

Drink green tea
A number of scientific studies has published significant results regarding the reduced risk of cancer in avid tea drinkers. Green tea has been valued greatly in many Asian countries spanning for thousands of years because of the many healing powers it has. Due to its rich compounds, it has been suggested to reduce the risk of different kinds of cancer such as: breast, ovarian, colon, prostate, and lung cancer.